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Maynard LaVallie Ministries
Maynard LaVallie Ministries
Maynard LaVallie Ministries
Christian Greetings,

Life is full of Surprises, but our God is aware of them all.  Praise God!  Circumstances that seem
to come when we are not expecting them does not hinder or re-route God's plan for each one of
us.  His plan and purpose will prevail.  We must look to Him, the author and finisher of our faith.  
Hebrews 12:2  I Praise the Lord for the opportunity He has given Joanie and I to work in His
field.  The fields are ripe unto harvest and ready for picking.  We count it a blessing to be
chosen by the Lord to minister at the Red Lake Indian Reservation.  Our first service October 2,
2011 25 people were in attendance,  7 of them were servants of the Lord who came to help and
wait on tables, Praise God! Thank you to them.
In August I became very sick, not knowing what I was afflicted with.  I went to the emergency
room with 102.7 temp.  I then came down with Bells-palsy on the left side of my face, red
blotches all over my body, the Bells-palsy on the right side.  My entire face was as if it were
paralyzed .  My wife at first thought I was having a stroke.  I was in bed in a weakened state for 3
weeks.  I have never been this sick in all my life.
My muscles were sore and my nerves were irritated.  At this pint I could hardly walk much, to
the restroom and then only back to bed.  I had then lost 32 lbs, (Which was good) but a hard way
to lose it.  I went back to the hospital after a month and then was finally given blood tests, and
them to be diagnosed with Limes Disease.  It was a very rough month.  I am now regaining my
strength back as days progress. Praise God!  This to shall pass, in life we pass through the good
and the bad, the pleasurable and the not so pleasurable.  Romans 8:28 But we know that all
things work for good to them that love God, and are called according to His purpose.  Now
Joanie and I must focus on building His church.  We thank you all, our faithful prayer partners
and you who financially support the ministry He has entrusted to us.
May God Bless you!

                                   Evangelist Maynard and Joan LaVallie
Evangelist Maynard and Joan LaVallie
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